Cube Mini Tower 2×1


This is one of our most useful towers and it comprises of great storage, with decorator appeal. This unit with quarter sawn African Rosewood is rich in colour. The straight lines from the late growth rings show perfectly in between the slightly wavy rich red early rings. This gives the timber an amazing depth made by nature beautiful.

W000mm / D000mm / H000mm

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at Hindes by Design

Newest contemporary design strong flexible striking. The Cube Suite will be made in various exotic veneer species especially prepared for these unique pieces.

I designed CUBE to be a fresh strong contemporary idea with striking colour and quality. Made from quality materials, custom veneered with the finest exotic natural timbers, I choose these myself, the colour and striking grain textures are a real treat.

Matching drawer fronts plywood drawer boxes show the effort to achieve classic standards without compromise no unpleasant surprises with the back just as finished as the front my furniture can be a room divider fitting any space.

The base is core 10 steel, its rigid strength allowing the design to stay diagonally stable keeping the perfect gaps around doors and drawers for a subtle slim effect.

Functionally the drawer boxes are as large as possible with full extension side mount runners the space is maximised and finished with a gloss two pack polyurethane making the colour of the timber really explode.

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Timber Style

Japanesed Maple, Babinga