• Hand crafted in the finest hardwoods, this table uses all traditional methods. When you buy a piece of furniture often you will look around it for signs of construction and you'll find it's actually not that well made or even solid... not my bespoke work. Here it's all craft wood on wood with a secret drawer hidden for spies like us. Making a solid timber ring and connecting it to a solid timber top is more complicated than you may think, but traditionally easy. W800mm / D800mm / H450mm
  • Inspired by female form this one-off art piece cabinet expresses elegant confidence. Walnut and mahogany with an amazing finger grip handle groove elegantly forming down the middle of the cabinet in ebony. Handmade tradition. Striking W800mm / D45000mm / H1700mm
  • Sold in a set of two, these strong bedsides have character and attitude. The striking cabinet joints show the strength, quality and tradition of my craft - made to last. W400mm / D400mm / H600mm
  • The thing about matching fronts, one slip in manufacturing and none can be used, this piece takes effort and traditional thinking. Interlace your fingers to understand the cabinet finger joints, very strong and brashly striking - they say "look at me" for skill and strength. Hidden joints most often mean reliance on glue and modern systems, less than excellent... not here. W900mm / D450mm / H1000mm
  • The Mini includes 3 full extension locked in drawers with a felt base and makes for a very cute table piece or jewellery box. Made with the crafted features of its big sister, the Mini is a great decorator piece, in every configuration and timber. W200mm / D200mm / H300mm
  • Cube Mini 1×3

    Take a good look, the Ebony finish on the Mini 1x3 has an incredible rich colour from this famous timber. The Mini 1x3 makes for a very striking table piece, a great watch box or deserving of all fine jewellery. Ebony isn’t readily available and this is from a personal collection of stock. W200mm / D200mm / H300mm
  • Made with bright and luxurious New Guinea Rosewood. This nine-drawer is best for collectors. It's a quality storage place for a family of cherished items.
  • This is one of our most useful towers and it comprises of great storage, with decorator appeal. This unit with quarter sawn African Rosewood is rich in colour. The straight lines from the late growth rings show perfectly in between the slightly wavy rich red early rings. This gives the timber an amazing depth made by nature beautiful. W000mm / D000mm / H000mm
  • Every piece of decorative veneer is scrutinised for its detail and wow factor. To be used where most effective, this flame veneer is centred for effect on the cabinet. If you would like matching units, please ask when ordering. W400mm / D400mm / H1050mm
  • Photos just don’t capture the deep dark colour locked in the grain, probably the sleekest Cube design. A useful storage cabinet fully loaded with drawers and central twin doors. I will customise the access holes for any entertainment requirements you have. As per standard, the cable entry comes in underneath and over the back to any appliances - TV and such. Made from any of my select decorative natural timber veneer species. W2230mm / D400mm / H600mm
  • Executive Suite

    These cabinets in the modern sleek style accent with class, the timber veneer is a dark wenge and the fronts are solid Oak. The drawer fronts with mitred solid timber edges are veneered for consistency. Decorated with a fitting leather covered long pull bar handle. You can see the hidden extra slide out object drawer, suitable for personal secrets. Includes a chest with divided the drawers the drawers have divisions to keep the cabinet solid and manage the storage with consideration. All drawers are felt based with full extension runners and birch plywood draw boxes. Chest: W800mm / D400mm / H1200mm Bedsides: W700mm / D400mm / H700mm
  • Inspired by the ingenious engineering of the iron age, where the truss and bracing methods could build anything. This polished steel framed TV cabinet is also easily movable. The style comes with lockable wheels and is great when cleaning the floor. My signature work bench top made from repurposed Oregon Jarrah and solid Oak edges. With a solid metal frame base, you can accent this unit with slide in drawers and storage boxes. W2200mm / D400mm / H525mm
  • This mind-bending one-off art piece is a jewellery armoire that turns heads. Rising out of a hand carved pool of old growth Jarrah, ripples flow as the cabinet rises 162cm and 18 delicate drawers intricately crafted by hand. The cabinet, inspired by female form, took weeks to assemble from mahogany and select jarrah. All timber studio piece has over 200 hours in it this elegant one off is my new favourite. W0000mm / D000mm / H1600mm
  • S Chest

    IS “S” Chest Attitude Fashioned with the female form in mind this unique cabinet is one of my signature pieces, it’s as complicated as it looks the construction is truly perfect wood on wood no square box drawers here handmade artwork Pictured with hard maple and oak drawer fronts it’s a real head turner W600mm / D600mm / H1650mm
  • Hand made in the traditional sense, I make these in Bubinga (African Rosewood) quarter sawn veneer for effect and they are stunning. The 3D door effect is not a trick, but painstakingly developed and handmade. It's true traditional joints real dovetails - all apart of such a crafted style. Pictured with myrtle timber base and top frame chequer inlay tops with Bubinga door & ends. W400mm / D400mm / H600mm