Questions from the client

Yes, where possible I use a lot of recycled materials as well as timber I’ve accumulated for years, plywoods are forest managed and sustainable poplar and birch grow faster than can be harvested

If not in stock between 4 and 6 weeks. I will personally oversee the construction.

Yes, my workmanship is protected by my reputation, the hardware against normal misconduct if you have a problem, I’m happy to keep my products in top condition.

Yes. Locally, personally and freighted across Australia with reliable logistical support.

Yes. I can customise a piece to your specific needs or materials for an additional cost.

Questions from the maker

My work is genuinely individual, made to last with bold appearance not just a decorator piece, there’s always some added extra or secret, making the piece really personal and special.

Most purchasers don’t ask the real questions. Some construction is shameful and will fail, most salespeople simply don’t understand the quality if any of the item you like. I value construction experience and quality materials and do not look to cost-cut for easy profit.

I’m not driven to copy others or build “on trend” furniture, it simply goes out of fashion. My work is long lastingly trust worthy.

Yes? Then go for it. My design and construction is quality, that often means doing something the hardest way – few makers will follow this thinking.

I take great pride in making elegant and eye-catching furniture, not cheap imported mass-produced item. We simply cannot compare on price, but I take comfort in believing my pieces will outlast several cheaper items and help become a more sustainable world.