Honouring the past, and enriching the future

Having a creative heart is the drive to be a maker, and that word needs to be respected around the globe for it’s achieving satisfaction. All of us are makers of some kind, and for me, woodworking and grounded materials hold a real place in my heart – it was a natural fit.

My goal is to create a lasting gift for as many clients as can be touched, not blinkered by exclusivity or on-trend styles, I am driven only to make the finest bespoke work, I make a range of furniture to inspire and pleasure.

This website is focused on free standing cabinets of various design some using available products, others I have sourced very special timbers and species.

My range is evolving, driven by a need to create a new style, finding a new material,  shock or evoke humour, but always reveal high quality and hidden gems within the piece, along with detailed and meticulous craft construction you would be inspired to own.

Inspired by the merging of two timbers into one by truly traditional methods, I honour the past and hopefully enrich the future.

Lifelong passion for the craft

Making started as a child but really took flight when I competed at a world level cabinetmaking competition as 20-year-old, having just finished an apprenticeship I traveled to the United Kingdom and returned with a silver medal for Australia, I started to believe in myself.

It’s funny, I was already a self-employed maker fulfilling my goal, shopfitting and the usual built-ins, but this wasn’t going to be enough. The history of making was not to be lost, and I seemed drawn to traditional techniques and true quality work in real wood.

That journey opened doors in teaching, and a huge part of my life has been passing on the skill and passion of making to others.

30 years involved with the very competition I started in, I am now an International judge in Cabinetmaking – you can see how I can truly say I have a world standard. Having lived and worked overseas and associated with more than 25 countries in competition, I can honestly say I know quality standards, what is acceptable and what is outstanding, this is my goal – to make truly outstanding work for anyone who can appreciate the effort and unique skills within cabinetmaking.

More recently focusing on fulfilling my dream, desires of a truly comprehensive portfolio of work crossing into art and sculpture including other materials and breaking new ground with design.

When I look at a piece of furniture I see the way it was made more than the style, we should not forget what we have learnt, centuries of crafting timber into durable everlasting pieces or useful and artistic objects  is overlooked for profit. These values drive my craft, usually the hardest way to make something is still the best. Having the experience and skill to work timber is simply practice and desire to make beautiful things.

Often my designs will see the joints exposed to show its true worth.

Hand made simply means personally made, a loving desire, pleasure to leave behind a piece of yourself for ever.

Ownership of quality furniture is not about bargain purchases, but the pleasure you get when you pass it buy in everyday life, respecting the journey made by a dedicated craftsman perhaps a little obsessed with his job.

I have spent 25 years making and learning cabinetmaking, there will always be more to learn how often can you enjoy your skill, a skill that starts from a raw material and finishes with a saleable useful and appealing object, amazing.

I end some days still speechless of the achievement, sit looking at my days work with great satisfaction while planning tomorrow.

Woodworking is a very old craft its a pedigree not to be forgotten while including today’s techniques balance can be made for beauty.

The selected pieces on this site are designed for a wider presentation, solely available from my workshop and hand, they carry my mark and standards.

Inspired by the merging of two timbers into one by truly traditional methods I honour the past and hopefully enrich the future.

Award winning design and construction

As a young boy my family visited the city, we walked down a small side street, and in windows at pavement level I could see a basement workshop with many workers dressed in aprons, working with wood, making cabinets, the industrious enthusiasm stayed with me for ever.

Why a cabinetmaker? I really can’t put it down to one thing.

My enthusiastic high school teachers, the need to make something as a young boy meant woodworking, a five year old isn’t going to weld steel or lay bricks but working in the shed with “pupa” was the start.

Soon the need to make was greater than the need for sport or school. Apprenticed to a modern kitchen cabinet company was the start, self employed followed by age 20.

Competition and the chance to be the best lead me to Worldskill were I won regional and national gold, then 1989 Worldskill Games Birmingham UK International silver in cabinetmaking for Australia. This lead to working overseas and really embracing the tradecraft of tradition in diverse projects.

I returned home to a new challenge – teaching. For a decade, sharing my experience and passion with future young tradespeople continuing the pedigree (hopefully).